Month: April 2019

The working class pursuit of bread and roses

Stop and Shop Workers on Strike!

Yesterday I walked the picket line of striking workers at the Stop and Shop in my neighborhood. These workers took a principled stand for important economic reasons. The workers I spoke with on the picket were fighting for continued access to decent healthcare, wages that they could live on, and simply to keep the amount…
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Origin Story: Rank and File Finance

On January 3rd 2019, I went to visit friends in Philadelphia. We had worked together on a union organizing campaign the previous year, but I had moved away to pursue a different job once the campaign ended. We stayed in touch and had become close friends. Through all the exhausting and grueling late nights and…
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Aggressive Student Loan Payment Project: 31k In One Year

In order to hold myself accountable to my aggressive student loan repayment project I made this fancy amortization table… but that doesn’t necessarily make the reality of paying 31k in one year any easier. I could stick my standard loan payments, 453$ per month, and it would free up a significant portion of my my…
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Cancelled the gym membership!

I did it. I canceled my membership at the local boutique gym in my neighborhood and I feel great about it. My membership dues at this gym were roughly 70$ monthly. In the rest of 2019 I will save about 630$ which can be used towards a number of my goals… making an extra payment…
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